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The ability to deliver seamless digital experiences and leverage your DXP tools efficiently is dependent on your digital experience maturity. This online calculator will help you on your journey to digital growth by assessing your individual level of digital sophistication. 

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The Digital Experience Maturity Model explained

What is the Digital Experience Maturity Model?

Imagine you can quickly get an idea of how digitally sophisticated your business is and which DXP features are the best fit for you today. 

Our experts have developed an easy-to-use Digital Experience Maturity Model to help with just that! Plus, it outlines the ideal order in which you should adopt individual features within your DXP to reach maximum efficiency of your online solution as your digital needs grow.

The importance of digital experience maturity

Why do I need to understand my digital maturity?

Stop wasting your time and valuable resources trying to utilize tools you’re not yet ready to leverage properly. Instead, focus on what will bring your business the most value today—no detours. 

A well-assessed level of digital maturity brings clarity in how to best leverage the full potential of your DXP, especially its online marketing features, such as: 

  • Marketing automation
  • Content personalization
  • Email and social media marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • A/B testing, and more.
Your path to digital growth

What should I expect from the calculator?

The calculator will guide you through the model and its individual criteria, step by step. You’ll focus on various aspects of your business, such as to what extent you utilize any analytical tools, what’s your approach to content design, or how big your marketing team is. 

By answering 13 questions, you’ll get a tailored assessment for your business, detailing your individual level of digital maturity and what it means for you. You’ll also learn what your optimal path to digital growth looks like, and how to kick-start it right away.

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